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This Is Tarot Easy  Pieces


 Wheel of Fortune


    Two of Wands


    Ace of Swords


A miracle will happen for sure.

A miracle happens - Wheel of Fortune
will - Two of Wands
for sure. - Ace of Swords

Wheel of Fortune means both 'a miracle' and 'it happens.' The illustration shows the Hebrew letters for what translates as Jehovah or Yahway in English. They are interleaved with ROTA, which is the word for Wheel of Fortune in Roman times. Since the letters are in a circle, they also read TARO and TORA (Tarot and Torah). Rota is the root word for English 'rotate.' The goddess of luck, Fortuna, is of course associated with the Wheel of Fortune, so this card refers to luck, fortune, destiny, coincidence, and what happens. It may translate any form of 'happen.'

Two of Wands translates as the future, in words or in tense of verbs.  That is because the man in the picture, who 'has the world in his hands,' is planning on what to do with all the real estate he owns below his castle.  It also means 'a plan' and 'for sure,' so this sentence means the same without Ace of Swords. (That happens in Tarot.) Today Two of Wands is 'will,' a verb that is future tense.

Ace of Swords' main concept is total victory, which of course is total defeat for the other side. You can't miss the meaning: Not only is the sword crowned, but the crown is crowned with laurel leaves for victory. One of Ace of Swords' meanings is certainty, so today we use 'for sure.' Two of Wands also commonly translates 'for sure,' so we have an emphasis on that.


The minute you join Tarot Easy Pieces, you have instant access every day to emails like this.

EUREKA! Doesn't matter whether you ever heard of Tarot or not: An AHA moment for you as your inner mind feels the mood of the pictures and your conscious mind makes the connection to each card's phrases. Every morning, it's a bright spot in your email box. The words for the picture come from your own observation, not from some book. It's that simple: pictures make words, words make sentences. Anyone who can look at something and sense patterns can absorb the way Tarot Easy Pieces communicates. A picture language.

Each day this brief illustrated message you see above comes for you to enjoy. You scan those three pictures of Rider Waite, and they make a message for you right in your gut. They are like flash cards! Think of it as a 200-word daily exercise for your insight muscle, an exercise that makes you feel good.

Your benefit from Emily's forty years of discovering and developing a unique verbatim Tarot system is: Your conscious and subconscious get in sync. You feel this, and use this, as you go about your day. You connect dots you never connected before. You are wiser. You are looking into real-world events with spiritual-world insight.

In a hurry? You can buy access to Tarot Easy Pieces right here, for a very easy introductory price and come back to learn more about it later:

See What Emily's Tarot System Can Do For You!

Thousands of people over 27 years report what this Tarot Verbatim method has done and is doing for them. Here is what some of them have to say:


Diana Black says: When using Tarot Verbatim for work as a tarot professional my readings have come to life.  Clients are stunned to finally get answers they have been seeking for years.   What a difference this one thing makes to me.

Jacob says: This is a great value for what you receive!

I look forward to seeing this in my inbox every morning with my coffee. It starts my day off with a thought.


Melissa says: I am so glad to have found this 

program. Finally getting to

the heart of Tarot. Thank you so much!!!

Love it!


Kristen says: Well this is refreshing! A short and simple way to grasp meanings of cards in a simple spread! Learning comes easily in snippets of info readily accessible to the next card, without getting bogged down. Easy peasy to zero in on what the subconscious is doing! Affordable and fun daily!


How you can benefit from joining Tarot Easy Pieces:

Tarot Easy Pieces introduces you naturally and smoothly to a new dimension of your own experience. While you're not looking, not studying. Benefits of this include

*enjoying the email


*and personal growth

*a hobby you enjoy

*and a potential way to make money
*and it's comfortable too

One way C. C. benefited, she says in an email is this:

"I have been learning Tarot with Tarot Easy Pieces for a few weeks now and I love readings with Emily about this.

One of my favorite things to do is to call Emily after I have done a spread and ask her about my interpretation based on what cards and combinations I have in front of me.

The other is to ask her the same  question that I just threw cards on. I look at the cards from her reading and compare it to my own and BINGO! They're like kissing cousins!"

C. C. is making very fast progress getting Tarot to talk with her.


Big Benefit #1


The main benefit initially is a few minutes you enjoy each day. Unexpected glimpses of your here-and-now realities. AHA moments.


Big Benefit #2


Your life, right where you are, and just the  way you are living it, is richer, deeper, and more colorful as you see more of it more deeply. 


Big Benefit #3


Tarot grows on you. It becomes part of your life as you let it. You could  develop an interest in reading it yourself and sharing that with friends.

TAROT EASY PIECES is ideal for you if you have asked yourself questions like:

Where can I find something intriguing to think about every day?
What is Tarot like? What can it tell me?
Daily guidance from Tarot wisdom is what I'm after here.
Just a little refreshment in an email every day.
I just love pithy observations of what life is like.
Great writing in small doses suits me just fine.
Yeah, show me how Tarot talks – I'm curious.
Solving puzzles makes me feel good.

Tarot Easy Pieces is easily worth your money. There is no other place  like it – so simple and so deeply beneficial.

But There's More:

We have a surprise bonus for you here in the beginning of Tarot Easy Pieces: We have a Community for people who want more out of their Tarot, who want to dive deeper. For now, this Community is free for you with your subscription to Tarot Easy Pieces.

Here's what you'll get in this Community bonus:

1. Help and Support from the forum's private community


is ideal for you if you have an interest in how to do Tarot and you have asked yourself questions like:

How can I tell how accurate a spread is just by glancing at it?
What are some pitfalls in the way a question is phrased?
How do I make phrases and sentences out of my spread?
How can I get Tarot to identify parties and say when?
A sensible and simple way to read Tarot has to be out there somewhere.
How do I develop a reliable Tarot style that suits me?
What to do when my readings don't make sense to me.
Why is Tarot wrong? What happens?
Is Tarot New Age?
Can Tarot do a criminal investigation?
Can Tarot answer medical questions?
Can Tarot read minds and say what someone will do?
Is one card enough to answer most questions?
Why is reading for myself less accurate?
Should I bother with reversed card meanings?
How to do email readings accurately with just a question, no history, no birthdays?
Where does the information in a Tarot reading come from anyway?


If you've asked yourself any of these questions, this online community is for you!

So you can get to know Emily and other Tarot devotees when you join the forum here at Tarot Easy Pieces. You can share your Tarot experience about things you know with others who are curious about that, and they share what they know that you are curious about.

Emily's Tarot Verbatim work appeals to people who take their Tarot more seriously than average. Ours is not your average forum experience. Emily's common-sense logical approach to Tarot is a niche of its own.

Some of us are experts, and some of us are just getting our toes in the water. So come on in, the water's fine in this Community!


2. Your Private Coaching with Emily

About Emily

First off, Emily is long-established as a Tarot expert, an authority. 40 years' experience with Tarot Verbatim. After we finish with our business here, at the very end, I will tell you About Emily.

Included in your membership now at the beginning of Tarot Easy Pieces is a private discussion room only you and Emily have access to where Emily can answer your important questions about Tarot and Tarot Easy Pieces.

Helping you grow your Tarot System Faster

Inside the membership we help you maximize your results and solve your most pressing problems. Simply post your success and/or your struggles in the private discussion with Emily section. We meet there.
Here are some things that you might seek a meeting for:
If you are not satisfied with the way you are doing something.
If you are tired of struggling with the same thing.
If you feel stuck with this annoying thing.
If you are confused and not sure what to do.
If you try different things and nothing seems to work.
If you want direct access to me, Emily, about learning Tarot that works.

What makes this community different from other Tarot communities?

MAINLY: Tarot Easy Pieces is relaxing. Fun. Tarot Easy Pieces is designed to entertain you. You don't have to be learning anything; you could just be grooving on the ideas you see there. An idea that day that may apply to you in some special way ... or may not.

The difference is in kind not just in degree: Tarot Verbatim has you meeting each card the way you meet a person: You know him, you know what he typically does and says, you know where she fits into the picture you see in your spread. You know how he or she blends in with and gets along with the other cards.

Tarot Verbatim has you meeting 78 scenes that link to one another to talk a story ... to make words, phrases, sentences, like flashcards, flexibly like running water, using your own associations for those pictures. It grows with you that way, and you grow with it.

The difference between Tarot Easy Pieces' system and other Tarot systems:

Other Tarot systems have meanings for individual cards that may be arbitrarily applied, and/or may arise from astrology, numerology, or something else: Tarot itself is partial there. It's sharing its space. Its scope is limited.

Other systems may read one card at a time, not related to one another but parked in an assigned space that represents a subject the card must apply to. This results in, say, asking what's the best that could happen and a card that has a 'worst' meaning appears there. These systems are very limited (but all systems work to some extent).

Other systems are heavy on memorizing. Here in Tarot Easy Pieces, reading is dynamic. Here, you get into what's going on among the people in the Tarot cards you are seeing, and see what that brings out in the situation you ask about.



You instantly get your first Tarot Easy Piece in your email right here AND you get access to the other resources - the forum, and the private meeting place.

Now is the time to test drive this vehicle. Other sites sell some of these benefits for, say $247 a year or more. Tarot Easy Pieces is selling them all not for half of that, not even for ten percent of that.

We are giving them both to you included in the modest price for the daily Tarot Easy Pieces spreads.

This is a very special introductory offer. Right now, all this comes to you for only $4.99 a month.

Great! I want to Subscribe to Tarot Easy Pieces and get access to this exclusive Tarot community

About Emily

First off, Emily is long-established as a Tarot expert, an authority.

In 1980 a professor of statistics lectured about his 20 years of experiments which prove Tarot violates the Laws of Random

Distribution when cards are chosen with a subject in mind. Emily decides to study this Tarot thing. Tarot becomes her hobby

as she is a court reporter in circuit court. She tests its accuracy on outcomes of jury trials and cases.

She asks thousands of questions she already knows the answers to, using the whole deck for each question (in Celtic Cross spreads).

This makes the 'unknown' the meanings of the cards, so she can determine what each card means in its own perspective. She writes it down on index cards and files them. It's fun. It all comes together as you go along.

(Those index cards grow into a massive data bank of meanings of combinations of cards, a data bank you can access as it continues to develop on our mother site, There are over 6,000 two-card combinations to the 78 cards.)

Thirteen years later Husband moves to an elk ranch in the wilderness. No court reporting jobs there! Emily dusts off her hobby and goes into business with it. Clients convince her this is one nifty system. Emily took the Tarot show on the road, and the people came, and she supported a 500-acre elk and deer sanctuary ranch for twenty years. The elk consider Emily a member of their herd. Tarot is a lot more fun than court reporting!

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